From Google Sheet, CSV or custom table data

Use real data from sources like Excel, Google Sheets or CSV.

Custom table data

Copy tabulated data from Excel or another table processor, open plugin, select Table tab, and paste data. It is all. You can use numbers with currencies and the percent sign. Not available for Adobe XD.

Note: the first column is used for Labels and the first row is used for dataset names. Put only numbers in white cells to avoid parsing issues.

Check how it works on a with few examples:

Sync with Google Sheets

Chart allows you to connect Google Sheet and update chart's data when Google Sheet is updated. Click Google Sheets link on Table tab and follow the instructions in the plugin. Here you can check an example of Google Sheet. See how powerful this tool could be:

Upload CSV

If you want to upload a static CSV file just click Upload CSV link in the Table tab. You can use only comma-separated values.

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